Live streamed show, as much as we want to, there is no way for us to stream a concert these days since we live in 3 different countries and there is a travel ban. 

Hence, for now,  we dug up a hard drive with our Brutal Assault (Czech Republic) 2017 performance, full show.  In the last days we have edited the video and got it mixed properly, and will show this on a YouTube & Facebook premiere (Wednesday 22th, 4PM EST) 

The band members who have a YouTube account will attend the stream for a chat and will watch the premiere with you. There will be a chance to make donations via VIPPS (Norway) & PayPal donations. 

We are looking into and planning a live stream. As soon as the borders opens up and we can get the rest of the guys to Norway, we do a live stream. 

Until this happens, here is our full DMDS set from Brutal Assault 2017!

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