– Cancelled US Tour Merch In Stock –
All products in place at the warehouse, needs to be re-counted before shipping. To be shipped consecutively.  If US shipping close down, any ordered products will be shipped as soon as it picks up again of course.

As previous stated, we put everything we had into this Black Death infested tour, and like many other bands & artists took a massive hit. No need suger coating this: Totalt debt as of now is around USD 70.000,  yes… touring America is expensive.  Always the start up costs that sucks everything out of a tour.

Once a tour starts rolling its usually okay, but it shows how fragile tours are. And merch is usually the main income when touring. 

Normally we get  fucked if just even 1 or 2 shows gets cancelled on a tour. We didn’t even get to start this one. 

This will of course not only impact this tour, but everything else we have planned for the future in promoting our latest album “Daemon”. 

If you want to support us, go to our store and buy direct from the band over at , even the smallest purchase helps. At the end of the day it is what it is and we will be back on the road as soon as we get the chance to do so!

We got 8625 US tour products on our hands:

*10 Dollar discount on the 3 shirts with touring dates. These will be classics, if you hear a metal hipster poserfuck claiming he went to Mayhem Western Ritual 2020 while wearing these shirts, well…

*Discounted the all of the US tour merch. Except the zipper sold at the EU store

*Masks available in both EU & US store, shipping as soon as we get them in stock late this week, beginning of next. Masks was planned before the virus hit, might be us that jinxed that black plague. That Mayhem curse…

*Tour Hoodies never left EU, selling those from our EU store

*Norwegian and Japanese store have no touring items but have other products, every sold item helps.  |

*Dug up about 140 “Daemon” Picture Vinyls we put aside for the tour, put them up as soon as the shipment gets back to us. Limited to 1000x 

Thanks for your undying support and see you on the road soon!


Attila, Hellhammer, Necrobutcher, Teloch & Ghul.

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